How To Order Ufc 264?

The UFC 264 PPV is available for $69.99 to current ESPN+ members. Check out the ESPN website. To sign in and access the order page, adhere to the on-page instructions (e.g. click here to log in and see your exclusive offers) To finish your purchase, adhere to the instructions shown on screen.

Similarly, Can you buy just UFC 264?

Is UFC 264 Available for Free? Pay-per-view access to ESPN+ for the main card of UFC 264 Poirier vs. McGregor 3 is the only way to see the fight. Preliminaries and post-fight programming are free for ESPN+ members to watch.

Also, it is asked, How do you get UFC 264?

With cards on ESPN+, ESPN, and PPV, UFC 264 will be a split-broadcast event, but you can watch it all on the ESPN app. At 6 p.m., the Early Preliminaries get things started, and at 8 p.m., the Preliminaries begin. The Prelims and Early Prelims will both be broadcast on ESPN+ and ESPN.

Secondly, How do I buy UFC 264 PPV?

You’ll need an ESPN+ and Hulu membership in order to buy and watch UFC pay-per-view on Hulu. There are two methods to subscribe: By clicking on “GET UFC,” you can subscribe to The Disney Bundle for $13.99/month and have access to Hulu (ad-supported), Disney+, and ESPN+.

Also, Can I buy UFC 264 without ESPN+?

Before they may order and watch UFC 264, viewers without an ESPN + membership must first buy a subscription or a package. Fans may spend $89.99 on a special package offer that includes the UFC 264 pay-per-view and a year’s worth of ESPN Plus. For new ESPN + members, the package offers significant discounts.

People also ask, How much is the UFC 264 PPV?

The main card for UFC 264 is accessible in the US for $69.99 or $89.98 on the ESPN+ membership package. Around 10 p.m. ET, that part of the event starts. On ESPN and ESPN+, earlier bouts on the undercard may be seen live. UFC is now available at $69.99 per year for subscribers.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I order UFC on Amazon Prime?

KUNITSKAYA. There is no need for a Prime subscription to buy UFC Pay-Per-View events on Prime Video on an event-by-event basis. By going to today, buyers can pre-order UFC 222 for $64.99.

What channel UFC 264 on?

Where can I watch UFC 264? Despite being a pay-per-view event, the UFC 264 main card will stream on ESPN+. You may watch both the early preliminary round and the preliminary round on ESPN or ESPN+.

How do I order pay-per-view on ESPN+?

If you have a subscription to ESPN+ By visiting this page and choosing “Buy Now,” current subscribers may purchase the most recent UFC Pay-Per-Views. If you’re signed in, you may choose “upgrade and purchase” to go from a monthly subscription to an annual plan and save 25%.

How can I buy UFC 264 UK?

Anyone interested in watching UFC 264: Poirier vs. McGregor 3 online need to go to and choose between using the offered internet link or the BT Sport Box Office app. Customers of EE, Three, and O2 who stream content online or via an app may elect to charge the cost to their mobile account.

When can you buy UFC 264?

When the preliminary bouts start at 6 o’clock ET, just connect onto ESPN + on your choice device and begin viewing. Only those who have bought the PPV will be able to see the UFC 264 main program, which will start at 10 pm ET.

Can I watch UFC 264 on ESPN+?

In the US, ESPN+ will be the only place to view the UFC 264 PPV and all other UFC PPV events. That implies having an ESPN+ membership is a must for ordering and watching McGregor vs. Poirier 3.

Can you order UFC without ESPN Plus?

Even if you merely want to purchase UFC 275, which costs $74.98, you still need an ESPN+ membership. The monthly fee for an ESPN+ membership is $6.99.

Can you watch UFC 264 on UFC Fight Pass?

The Main Card of any UFC event on Fight Pass cannot be seen, sadly. You need ESPN in order to watch the UFC Main Card on ESPN. Only ESPN+ subscribers may watch the UFC Main Card.

Do you need ESPN Plus to watch UFC PPV?

Yes, it’s true that standard ESPN Plus subscriptions do not include access to UFC pay-per-view events; nevertheless, in order to buy PPVs, you must have an ESPN Plus membership.

How do I get PPV on Hulu?

On Hulu, how can I buy a PPV event? Open the Hulu app or go to on a compatible device. *Choose the event from the Live Guide or UFC show page. Decide to get PPV. Establish your identity. Select Finish Purchase. To verify your purchase, go to My Stuff > Purchases.

How much is the pay-per-view UFC?

Individual UFC PPV bouts cost $74.99 when bought with an ESPN Plus membership.

Where can I buy Conor McGregor fight?

Before buying and viewing Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier 3, viewers must first have an ESPN Plus membership. The quickest and easiest method to get the bouts on your screen tonight has been made clear. The UFC 264 & ESPN+ Bundle is available for $89.99 if you don’t already have ESPN+.

How much is the pay-per-view UFC fight tonight?

For the new price of $74.99 or $99.98, UFC fans in the United States may watch the main card of UFC 273 on ESPN+. At 10 p.m. ET, the battles are set to start.

How do I watch UFC PPV on Amazon?

Using Amazon Fire TV to Watch UFC On your Amazon Fire TV, install the ESPN app. Use your ESPN+ account to log in. You’ll be asked to sign up if you don’t already have one (Do not Sign Up Later) If you’ve already bought the event, start the PPV, or use the app’s purchasing instructions to place your order.

Where can I rent a UFC fight?

If you don’t already have an ESPN+ subscription, you can get UFC 239 plus a full year of ESPN+ at or via the ESPN App on all popular mobile and TV-connected devices for only $79.98.

Is Mcgregor fight on Amazon Prime?

All UFC pay-per-view bouts will be available for purchase and streaming on Amazon Prime beginning with UFC 222 on March 3rd, according to the online merchants.

Where to watch UFC 264 Vegas?

Las Vegas serves as the UFC’s primary headquarters. Best Places in Las Vegas to Watch UFC Topgolf. Nine Great Irishmen Pub Sports bar and book called Moneyline. Sports bar Blondies. The Bonanza Lounge

How to watch UFC 264 Fight card?

UFC 264: Poirier vs. McGregor 3 on TV Main Card on ESPN+ at 10 p.m. EDT/7 p.m. PDT 8 p.m. EDT/5 p.m. PDT, ESPN, ESPN+, ESPN Deportes, preliminary round. Early Prelims: UFC FIGHT PASS and ESPN+ at 6 p.m. ET / 3 p.m. PDT.

Is UFC 264 on BT Sport?

On Saturday night, after the preliminaries get things started on BT Sport 2 HD at 1am, all the action will be shown exclusively live on BT Sport Box Office HD starting at 3am.

How do I order UFC 264 on directv?

To purchase DIRECTV right now, call 1.855.593.3975.

How do you buy a pay-per-view?

Online Pay-Per-View Event Ordering Visit to see the schedule for future Pay Per View events. Click Order Now after choosing the event you want (when available). Use your Xfinity ID and password to log in. Click Submit after reviewing your order.

How can I watch UFC PPV fights?

Describe ESPN+. The most popular streaming portal for UFC programming, including PPV bouts, collections of the best UFC fights, and additional UFC shows like Detail: Daniel Cormier, UFC Destined, and Dana White’s Contender Series. Simply sign into ESPN+ and follow the on-screen instructions to order the bout.

Is UFC 264 PPV UK?

Live stream of UFC 264 on TV channel The main card is accessible on PPV in Canada, while the prelims (6:15 p.m. ET) are broadcast on TSN5. UFC 264 will be broadcast live on BT Sport 1 in the UK (prelims at 11 p.m. GMT and main card at 3 a.m. on Sunday)

Is UFC 264 a box office?

Conor McGregor’s appeal continues to be unmatched as UFC 264 sells “just around 1.8 million” copies. After UFC 264’s successful box office run, Conor McGregor’s star power is still going strong.

Can you watch UFC on BT Sport?

Browse the schedule of future UFC events only available live on BT Sport from Las Vegas and beyond.


The “ufc fight pass” is a subscription service that allows users to watch UFC fights. The service has been around for a while and it’s still going strong.

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