When Is Ufc 266?

Similarly, What time does 266 UFC start?

UFC 266 will go off at 6 p.m. ET on UFC Fight Pass, with four bouts on the early preliminary program. After that, the normal preliminary card will begin at 8 p.m. ET and will be broadcast on ESPN and ESPN+.

Also, it is asked, Who’s fighting in UFC 266?

Card No. 1 Alexander Volkanovski is victorious. Ortega, Brian Title Battle Alexander Volkanovski is victorious. Valentina Shevchenko is victorious. Lauren Murphy Fight for the Title Valentina Shevchenko is victorious. Robbie Lawler triumphs. Diaz, Nick Robbie Lawler triumphs. Curtis Blaydes is victorious. Rozenstruik, Jairzinho Curtis Blaydes is victorious. Jessica Andrade is victorious.

Secondly, Is UFC 266 free?

In the United States, UFC 266 is a pay-per-view event accessible via the ESPN+ streaming service.

Also, Who won UFC 266 main event?


People also ask, Where can I watch 266?

Non-ESPN+ subscribers will need to join up for ESPN+ (monthly or yearly) and then buy UFC 266 since PPVs are exclusively accessible to ESPN+ members, therefore if you want to view this event, you’ll need to pay up for ESPN+ (monthly or annual).

Related Questions and Answers

How do I watch 266?

UFC 266: Volkanovski versus Ortega: How to Watch Main Event on ESPN+ at 10 p.m. EDT / 7 p.m. PDT Preliminaries on ESPN, ESPN+, and ESPN Deportes at 8 p.m. EDT / 5 p.m. PDT. Early Prelims: UFC FIGHT PASS and ESPN+ at 6 p.m. EDT / 3 p.m. PDT.

Is UFC 266 LIVE?

Ortega. The main card of UFC 266 is pay-per-view in the United States on the ESPN+ subscription streaming service. At 10 p.m., that section of the event starts. However, earlier bouts may be seen live on ESPN, the WatchESPN app, and UFC Fight Pass for the early prelims.

Is UFC 266 a PPV?

Estimated PPV Buys, Payouts, Salaries, and Performance Bonuses for UFC 266. The five-round Featherweight championship fight between Alexander Volkanowski and Brian Ortega in the main event of UFC 266 was thrilling.

Is UFC 266 prelims on ESPN?

The five-fight PPV program will begin at 10 p.m. ET, with early prelims on ESPN2 and ESPN+ beginning at 6 p.m. ET. Preliminaries will begin at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN and ESPN+.

How can I watch UFC 266 prelims?

The main card of UFC 266 will stream on ESPN+, however it will be a pay-per-view event. On UFC Fight Pass and ESPNews/ESPN+, you may watch the early prelims and prelims, respectively.

Where can I buy UFC 266?

After buying the official PPV event on the ESPN website here, fans may watch every UFC 266 bout live on ESPN Plus. UFC 266 is available for $69.99 to existing ESPN + members. The UFC 266 & ESPN+ Bundle is available for $89.99 to new ESPN + customers. Main Event on ESPN+ PPV at 10:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. on ESPN Plus for the preliminary round.

Where can I watch UFC 266 in Las Vegas?

The wait is finally over as UFC 266 airs live on ESPN+ PPV from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, later tonight (Saturday, September 25, 2021), with Alexander Volkanovski defending his UFC featherweight championship against rising foe Brian Ortega in the main event.

Did Nick Diaz win?

In a rematch at UFC 266, Robbie Lawler defeats Nick Diaz via TKO in the third round. With a third-round TKO victory over Nick Diaz on the main event of UFC 266 in Las Vegas, Robbie Lawler turned back the clock sufficiently to get back in the win column.

How much does UFC 266 cost?

How do I watch tonight’s UFC fight?

UFC Pay-Per-Views and live events are broadcast on ESPN+. MMA matches are available to stream on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, Xbox One, and other smart TV platforms. ESPN+ is your source for the best UFC has to offer, no matter where you are.

Can you buy UFC PPV on YouTube?

Sling TV, fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, ESPN+, DirecTV Stream, Vidgo, YouTube TV, UFC Fight Pass, and DAZN are among the streaming providers that offer UFC on Apple TV.

How can I watch UFC 266 in NZ?

For a one-time fee of $39.95, you can watch UFC 266 live on your television on Sky Sport NZ. Aside from that, you may spend $39.99 per month to subscribe to Sky Sport Now’s monthly subscription. This way, you can watch UFC 266 on your favorite devices without having to leave New Zealand.

What channel is the Prelims for UFC?

You can watch them on ESPN+ or if you’re a UFC Fight Pass member, you can watch them on UFC Fight Pass. The normal preliminary bouts begin at 8 p.m. ET after the early prelims. They will also include four fights that will be televised on ESPN cable television and ESPN+.

Where can I watch UFC early prelims?

The pay-per-view may be purchased here. CLICK HERE TO ORDER UFC 274 The early prelims will be on ESPN+’s normal streaming platform, which fans can check out here, while the prelims will be on ESPN, which fans can watch for free through a DirectTV Stream trial. 9 hours previously

Why is UFC 266 postponed?

The fight was originally set for UFC 260, but it was canceled a week before the event due to Volkanovski’s positive COVID-19 test. After both competitors were selected head coaches for The Return of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Volkanovski vs. Team Ortega, the bout was postponed for a few months.

Can I order PPV on Hulu?

Subscribers to ESPN+ on Hulu may now buy and watch ESPN+ Pay-Per-View (PPV) events using the Hulu app on compatible devices.

How can I watch UFC PPV for free?

We’ve done some significant research to offer you the finest free UFC streaming sites (and us too) Make a note of the following websites and watch bouts online: UFC Channel on YouTube. BT Sport 1 on CricFree. UFC Streams on Stream2Watch TV.

Can I buy UFC PPV without ESPN+?

Because ESPN has the exclusive rights to all UFC programming, you’ll need an ESPN Plus membership to purchase the $74.99 UFC 274 PPV. 12 hours previously

Why does Diaz bleed so much?

Nate also often hits the right supraorbital ridge after countering his right fist since his momentum has shifted his head to the left. When Nate’s right supraorbital ridge bleeds, it alters his fighting style. Nate had to wipe blood from his right eye many times during Diaz II due to visual blockage.

What is khabib height?

5′ 10″ Height of Khabib Nurmagomedov

What is Ben Askren MMA record?

How much is UFC 266 with ESPN+?

How much is it to rent the Conor Mcgregor fight?

The only way to view the fight is to subscribe to ESPN+ and watch it live. You must first sign up for an ESPN+ membership before paying the $69.99 pay-per-view fee. It will cost $75 in total.

Is UFC 267 on PPV?

Perhaps most importantly, unlike other numbered UFC events, which have pay-per-view main cards, UFC 267 is accessible in its entirety on ESPN+. This one does not have a PPV fee. All that is required of a fan is an ESPN+ membership.

Where can I watch UFC 270?

The main card of UFC 270 is pay-per-view in the United States on the ESPN+ subscription streaming service. At 10 p.m., that section of the event starts. However, earlier bouts may be seen live on ESPN, the WatchESPN app, and UFC Fight Pass for the early prelims.

Can I order UFC on smart TV?

Sign up for the UFC app on your Smart TV. Invest in the struggle. You’re finished!

How do I order UFC on Amazon Prime?

KUNITSKAYA. No Prime subscription is necessary to buy UFC Pay-Per-View events on Prime Video on an event-by-event basis. Customers may pre-order UFC 222 for $64.99 starting today at www.amazon.com/UFC.

Does FUBO have UFC?

Tonight’s UFC | Stream on fuboTV (Free Trial)

Can you buy PPV without cable?

Sling TV, ESPN+, DAZN, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, Fite.TV, Showtime, and B/R Live are all choices for cord-cutters to watch PPV events live without cable. We’ll help you pick which streaming source is ideal for watching PPV events live online in this post.


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