Who Won The Ufc Fights Last Night?

Similarly, Who won on the UFC fight last night?

Muhammad received a unanimous decision, with two judges giving it a 49-46 score and one judge giving it a 48-47 score. Muhammad talked with UFC analyst Daniel Cormier after his fight and called out Colby Covington.

Also, it is asked, Who won Font vs Vera?

Vera, Marlon

Secondly, Did Covington win last night?

Covington defeats Masvidal by unanimous decision at UFC 272.

Also, Who won the women’s UFC fight last night?

Jessica Andrade chokes out Amanda Lemos in the first round at UFC Fight Night. The former women’s strawweight champion wasted little time in getting to work. In the history of the UFC, no fighter has ever won via submission due to a standing arm triangle.

People also ask, How do I get UFC 272?

In the United States, the main card for UFC 272 is available for a pay-per-view fee on ESPN+, a subscription streaming service. At 10 p.m. ET, that segment of the show will begin. Earlier bouts may be seen live on ESPN, the WatchESPN app, and UFC Fight Pass for the early prelims.

Related Questions and Answers

Who won UFC 269 last night?

At UFC 269, Julianna Pena surprises the MMA world by defeating Amanda Nunes. Julianna Pena wins the UFC women’s bantamweight championship by defeating Amanda Nunes in one of the greatest shocks in UFC history.

Is Amanda Nunes still UFC champion?

The UFC’s women’s featherweight belt is still held by Nunes.

Who won Masvidal vs Covington highlights?

Colby Covington takes against Jorge Masvidal in the main event. On Saturday night, one of the most intense rivalries in recent years had its main event spotlight, with Colby Covington beating his old buddy and partner Jorge Masvidal by a near-shutout five-round unanimous decision.

Is UFC 272 on Disney plus?

UFC 272: LIVE STREAMING AND TICKET INFORMATION: ESPN also offers two package deals: The Disney Bundle with UFC 272: For $88.98 plus tax, you can get a $13.99/month membership to ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu (ad-supported) as well as UFC 272 ($74.99).

How much is the UFC pay-per-view?

The main card of UFC 273 will be available on ESPN+ in the United States at the revised pricing of $74.99 or $99.98.

How do I contact Bryce Mitchell?

@[email protected] is Bryce Mitchell’s email address.

Does Bryce Mitchell have a loss?

When did Bryce Mitchell last lose a game? Mitchell’s most recent defeat was in Season 27 of The Ultimate Fighter against Brad Katona on Wednesday, February. Bryce Mitchell was defeated by Brad Katona via Submission in Round 3 at 4:17.

How much does Julianna Pena make?

As of 2021, ‘The Venezuelan Vixen’ has a net worth of over $500,000, according to Media Referee. According to The Sports Daily, Julianna Pena’s UFC career earnings are $467,500 as of 2021. Her largest payday ($95,000) came in her UFC 257 bout against Sara McMann.

Who won the fight last night tommy?

Fury was proclaimed the victor by a 60-54 decision by the referee, and he immediately turned his focus to Jake Paul.

Who won Ramos vs Santamaria?

Santamaria was buzzing and wounded in the first round, but he rebounded to overcome Ramos in a 10-round unanimous decision at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino’s Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday evening.

Who won heavyweight championship last night?

Tyson Fury is a professional boxer.

Is Julianna Pena champion?

Julianna Pea, a Spokane native, remembers her quest to become a UFC champion. ‘Patience was a key element,’ she says. Julianna Pea, a native of Spokane, stunned the world last month when she fought Amanda Nunes to win the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s women’s bantamweight world title.

How rich is John Jones?

Jon Bones Jones’ net worth is predicted to be above $3 million as of 2022, making him one of the world’s wealthiest MMA fighters 3 million dollars in net worth Age:33 Born:J. United States of America is the country of origin. 1 more row Source of Wealth: Professional MMA Fighter

Where is UFC 275?

Indoor Stadium in Singapore

Where will UFC 274 be held?

Phoenix is a city in Arizona.

Is UFC 273 cancelled?

The rescheduling of UFC 273 is the second time the event has been postponed. The fight was originally planned for UFC Fight Night 202 on Feb. 26 but was postponed in mid-January for unknown reasons.

What happened Cain Velasquez?

Santa Clara County district attorney Jeff Rosen charged Velasquez with attempted murder and ten other gun-related offenses on Wednesday. If convicted, Velasquez faces a sentence of 20 years or more in prison.

Where is masvidal from?

Miami, Florida Jorge Masvidal / Birthplace Miami, formally the City of Miami, is a coastal city in southeastern Florida’s Miami-Dade County. It is the second-most populated city in Florida, the eleventh-most populous city in the Southeast, and the 44th-most populous city in the United States, according to the 2020 census. Wikipedia

How old is Masvidal?

37 years old (Novem.) Age / Jorge Masvidal

How much is Covington worth?

According to Celebrity net worth, Covington has a net worth of roughly $2 million US dollars. This is based on Covington’s current UFC contract, sponsorships, and recognition as a top rated Welterweight fighter in the sport.

Are Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington friends?

At American Top Team, they were close friends who trained together. There are plenty of photos on social media to back this up. In fact, Masvidal has claimed that Covington slept on his sofa for a while, and a video of an advertisement the two created together years ago surfaced in 2020.

How can I buy UFC?

ESPN+ is your source for the best UFC has to offer, no matter where you are. By buying the UFC PPV ($74.99 value) and ESPN+ yearly subscription ($69.99 value) for $99.98, new members may save almost 30%. Existing subscribers may purchase the most recent UFC Pay-Per-Views by visiting this page and clicking “Buy Now.”

How much is it to rent UFC 272?

What is the cost of UFC 272 on pay-per-view? The bout and the main card will set you back $74.99. This is in addition to your ESPN+ membership, which comes in a variety of packages.


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